Striving for Harmony

I believe that dismantling the inequitable systems that we’ve inherited (and actively contribute to) is essential not only for the wellbeing of the planet, but for the survival of the human species and the countless other life forms who are affected by us. 

We have to remember a more equitable and harmonious way of existing in this world.  

I stand with causes and organizations who are on the front lines of change making, who are dedicated to deconstructing oppressive systems and building peace for all living beings.  I aspire to uplift the work of those who have paved and are paving the way for social change, equity, and justice.  

I seek to remember and uplift the Earth-centered practices of our ancestors, and in doing so, naturally realign to a more harmonious, kind, and abundant way of relating to all living things. I seek to be rooted in my magic and my history, while also being mindful of not taking from or exploiting those who I’m striving to be in solidarity with. 

I understand that this intention is not short term – it is deep and extensive, and will be nourished over the span of my entire life.  I will always strive to do better.


As a white bodied, Euro-descendant femme, I am dedicated to dismantling the way that white supremacy and racism may show up in my work, my relationships, and my own neural pathways.  I seek to be transparent about the ways that I am actively awakening, and the ways that I am committed to staying awake.  

I am proudly queer, and honored to be a part of the brilliant, expansive, and resilient LGBTQ community worldwide.  My ethnic heritage is rooted broadly from Northwestern Europe (primarily Norway, Germany, Ireland), and I am completely enthralled by and dedicated to my studies of the pre-modern lands of present day Ireland.  My paternal lineage can be traced back to County Wicklow, and I have deep reverence for the earth based practices of the pre-Celtic civilizations from that land.  

As a Euro-descendant citizen of the United States, I live on land that is stolen from Native people.  The development of this country goes hand in hand with the exploitation of Black and brown bodies, brilliance, and labor.  On a global scale, I am horrified by the gruesome history of pillage, genocide, and slavery that has existed and exists in countries worldwide.  I seek to, in whatever way I can, be an active contributor in our communal journey towards healing and reconciliation.  

In my personal life, I do this by …

  • Actively learning about my own privilege and racial biases
  • Redistributing resources towards BIPOC led causes, organizations, and leaders
  • Showing up for ongoing conversation with fellow aspiring allies
  • Listening to, believing, and amplifying the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQ, and disabled folx

Within my work, I do this by…

  • Hiring BIPOC consultants to collaborate with me and strengthen how my work aligns with the values of equity and justice
  • Offering Science & Magic discounted memberships for those who are experiencing financial hardship

I am dedicated to learning how to become a good ancestor for all who will inherit the Earth from us, of remembering what it means to expand into ever widening circles of reciprocity. 

As we undo, unravel, and dismantle our current day oppressive structures and systems, it is my deepest intention that we simultaneously settle into a more Earth-centered, harmonious, equitable way of living together on this planet.  I believe this is possible for us.  

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