Amanda is an incredible teacher who weaves together science, well-being and spirituality in the most harmonious and powerful way.

Amanda has such a unique and special gift. Our lives are full of chaos on the daily and Amanda helps bring clarity to how you experience stress and the effects it has within your head, heart and body. Through her many amazing offerings, she will help you enjoy life in an elevated and profound way.

– Juliette, Artist

Britanee, Personal Brand Coach + Business Strategist


Amanda holds a safe space that allows for vulnerability, curiosity, and self-discovery. You will learn as much as you will feel—her carefully crafted mindfulness and yoga exercises allow for a truly embodied learning experience.

Amanda is truly magical. She offers valuable knowledge about yoga and neuroscience, and also has such a calm, relaxing presence - I felt like I was floating after my experience with her! I can't recommend her enough!

Amanda's passion for combining intuition and scientific knowledge of the body is astounding. She is able to connect the dots between how meditation and yoga lead to heightened states of being and expanded awareness. She will push you intellectually and physically, and you will be better for it!

Melissa, Executive & Business Coach

Sarah, Marriage & Family Therapist

 Lakshmi, Business Coach + Entrepreneur

If I had to sum up my experience with Amanda in one word, it would be nourishment. I had become so depleted by stress/anxiety/life and was searching for a way to heal myself in a more holistic way. I feel like I have nothing but healing potential ahead of me. I am so looking forward to seeing where I am a year from now!

This curriculum was a great balance between concrete, factual information regarding our human anatomy and the mystery of metaphysical intrigue. Amanda is a great teacher, leader, and friend.

I received tremendously insightful personal guidance from Amanda and learned from the other participants. With this experience I feel more capable to understand my needs and empowered to explore tools to grow from my stress. I recommend this experience wholeheartedly!

 Meg, Sign Language Interpreter + Yoga Instructor


 JoJo, Integrity Management Scientist

Amanda provided a rich scientific background on the mind/body connection, along with practical applications for how to build a toolkit for managing day-to-day stressors. Along with group discussion, the yoga/meditative practices were a great way to enrich the content. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to dig into the science of how our minds work!

Senta, Mechanical Engineer

– David H, Attorney



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